Hilariously Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly sweater parties are becoming a craze during Christmas.

  Instead of boring get togather invite your guests to an outrageously funny party where they can get enjoyable escape from their daily grind. It can be the best themed party of the season. The only requirement to become a part of this costume party the ugliest holiday sweater they can find. Here are three of my outrageous ugly sweaters.

Ugly Christmas Sweater - Yellow Snow Sweater by Tipsy Elves

It is the fun way to step outside our inhibitions and get loose. We remove our social norms and protocols and become ridiculous without any worries as everyone are ridiculous at some level.                                                          This is one of the reasons that made these parties so much popular. 
Have fun and take your party to the ugliest height.
Share it with your friends. Happy Christmas.

Cute Christmas Craft For kids

During Christmas kids become more and more excited about taking part in festival season activities. Share some fun filled time with them and make some Christmas crafts. I found this cute Christmas ornament video.

For this cute ornament you need:

1...Toilet Paper Roll or Wrapping Paper Roll
2.... Scrap of red and yarn
4...Nine inch long book


1... Get red yarn and wrap it around the book lengthwise several times .Take the scissor and cut the wrapped yarn on both sides. You will have a pile of cut yarn. Repeat this with white yarn. Now you have two piles of yarn. One pile of red yarn and another of white yarn.

2 ...Take tube and cut half an inch of it with scissor. Now you have a tube circle.

3 ... Now start attaching yarn to the tube circle. Take one piece of red yarn and fold it in half. Pass the loop through the tube. Pass the two end of the loop through loop and pull it so the loop is on the edge of the tube circle. Repeat the process with alternate colour yarns slipping gently to the next already there. Do it all the way round.

4 ... Now pass the loose end of the loops through the tube on the other side. Make sure you straight them all out.

5 ... Take a strand and tie it in a knot about one inch or one and a half inch above the edge of the tube. Tie it once again. Line the two remaining ends up and tie a knot at the end. It is the hanger for the ornament. Pull it down so it will not get cut accidently. Trim the top with scissor so it resembles the pompom.

6 ... Take a piece of tissue, crinkled up and stuff it at the bottom just to fill the upper part of the hat to keep it shaped.     
                    Now here is your cute little hat. Happy crafting

Christmas Jewelry : Pretty Christmas Bracelets

This episode of Christmas jewelry is dedicated to one of my valuable visitors Alli Smith whom I promised to write about Christmas bracelets. Hope she will like it.

Add a pretty winter touch to your look with this stunning snowflakes bracelet. Stay on top of winter's fashionable trends with a pretty blue snowflake bracelet in your jewelry collection. You will feel snowflakes falling around you while they dangle from your wrist in winter season.

This beautiful festive Christmas themed bracelet is fun way to celebrate this holiday season.
It comes decorated with an assortment of dangling adorable charms and stunning Murano style glass beads in vibrant Christmas colors, all placed on an elegant snake chain. A dangling Christmas tree sits in the centre of the bracelet. Other traditional symbols of the holiday surround it. A perfect gift for someone who loves unique jewelry.

Celebrate the festive season with this lovely Christmas Nativity Charm Bracelet! It has of detailed double-sided brushed silver-tone that includes: an angel, shepherd, Christ child, Mary and Joseph, wise men and the Christmas star. It represents the Christmas story. Between each charm is a faceted bead for added sparkle.
                This pretty Nativity bracelet comes in an elegant box, ready to give as a gift. Inner lid of the gift box features the Bible verse, "I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people."

If you like my collection please share it with your friends. 
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The Tradition of Christmas Lights

Christmas is a wonderful time of year when towns and cities light up like stars.
          Christmas decoration is one of the oldest traditions. In ancient time candles were used for decoration. Candles were put under glass cover for safety reason. Metal lantern with small wicks was also used. They were used as ornament on Christmas tree.
Then entered the Wizard of Menlo Park in New Jersey. His name was Thomas Edison. In 1879 he invented and demonstrated incandescent electric lightbulb that bring revolution in Christmas decoration. In 1882, Edison's assistants, Edward Johnson made electric bulbs for Christmas tree and displayed it on his Christmas tree at his home in New York City. It was a big hit.
Ralph Morris, an American telephonist, invented the strings of electric Christmas lights in 1895. In 1970s decorative mini-lights for Christmas tree were introduced. They became immensely popular. Since then they are dominant in Christmas tree decoration.
Electrical candle were introduced and became popular because they were safer than original candles. Battery operated candles gave appealing looks to the area where there aren't electrical outlets.
  Taking the inspiration from Christmas tree lighting, the trend of decorating outside began and became very popular. Icicle lights were introduced to decorate outside. Their icicle shape transformed the outside in winter wonderland. They gave frosted appearance to indoor as well.
      With time, Christmas lights used in new and creative ways. It comes in various shapes as trees or other ornaments to enhance the visual appeal of lawns and streets.
  Now Christmas lights have become a mesmerising feature of the holidays.

3 Adorable Christmas Cookie Cutters

These Christmas cookie cutters are excellent gift for all cookie makers. Christmas and cookie are inseparable. We can’t imagine one without the other. Baking cookies with Christmas theme is so much exciting. Christmas theme cookie cutter is a perfect Christmas gift for every baking lover.

These Christmas cookie cutters are excellent gift for all cookie makers. They are very sturdy, not flimsy like some of those bargain cutters
    They have a clean sharp metal edge which makes it easy to cut dough. The metal doesn't bend. They won't rust because they're stainless steel.
   The edge is sharp enough to cut smoothly through dough without leaving rough edges. Shapes come out so crisp. Making large cookies mean fewer cookies to frost.
     Having nice deep sides (1 3/4") making them very versatile. These are perfect for making a crustless sandwich in a cute Christmas shape.
 You can cut the centre of a pie crust for a special look.
It is great for making a stencil for cards.
You can use it to make Christmas ornament from clays.
  The soft plastic comfort grip prevents the cutter from hurting your hands while pressing cutter into cookie dough. It makes it easy and comfortable for little hands to easily cut cookies. Your kids will love pressing the bright coloured cookie cutter into the dough and they will make nearly perfect cookies each time.
   The padded grip is good for folks with problem hands like arthritis too.
They are easy to clean as they go through the dishwasher.
    Hope they will make your Christmas cookies making enjoyable & fun.

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Christmas Sports Ornaments for Your Little Sportsman

I was searching something nice and unique for my friend's son Jack as Christmas gift and I came across these fantastic Hallmark sports ornaments.

The best thing about it is that each of these is less than $10 at the moment. One of them has great discount of 83%. Wooow.
           These ornaments are an excellent reproduction of these great sportsmen. Very realistic and well made. Good size and vibrant colors.
    You will love to get high quality detailed ornament at great price.       
             It would be a great gift for anyone putting together a sports themes Christmas Tree. A great memorabilia for football fans. They will remember their sports heroes when they decorate each Christmas.

    I look forward to seeing the excited and pleased expression on Jack's face.

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5 Interesting Facts About Christmas

Here is some interesting facts about Christmas

Franklin Pierce was the first president to decorate an official White House Christmas tree.

The popular Christmas song “Jingle Bell” was not originally a Christmas song. It was written and composed by James Pierpont in 1857 for Thanksgiving and was originally called “One Horse Open Sleigh”.

Can you imagine that Christmas can be made illegal? But it's true. The Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell considered feasting and revelry on a holy day as immoral, so under his leadership English parliament banned the Christmas festivities in 1647. The celebration of Christmas was considered a criminal offence. The ban was lifted after Cromwell lost power in 1660.

If you listen to the song “Twelve Days of Christmas” you will realise that total number of gifts exchanges is 364. It means gifts exchanged every day of the year.

Do you know Johnny Marks, who wrote the story “Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer” and many Christmas songs like “I heard bell on Christmas Day” “A Holly Jolly Christmas” “Rockin' around the Christmas Tree” “Jingle Jingle Jingle” “We are Santa's Elves” and many other was not a Christian, but a Jew.

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Christmas Jewelry: 3 Gorgeous Christmas Pendants

In continuation of my series of Christmas jewelry today I am writing about 3 gorgeous Christmas pendants.

Step out into cold weather in style with this stunning snowflakes pendant. Add a pretty winter touch to your look. It sparkles brilliantly. If you are eagerly anticipating the first flakes of winter to begin falling, capture the essence of a sparkling snowflake. This is the perfect holiday gift for a love one with an April birthday.

Carnevale Sterling Silver Blue and White Swarovski Elements Snowflake Pendant Necklace, 18"

Look breathtaking and heavenly when you wear this exotic Angel Feather Wing necklace. Finely crafted with shimmering sterling silver and studded with sparkling icy white diamonds this gorgeous necklace is made for grand sweeping gesture. Treat yourself or surprise the angle in your life with this marvellous piece of religious jewelry.

Angel Feather Wing White and Black Diamond Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver (GH, I1-I2, 0.20 carat)

Express your faith in style with this London Blue Topaz Cross Pendant Necklace. You will keep the classic symbol of faith near your heart when you wear this gorgeous pendant. Each of the four corners on the cross pendant necklace is accented with London Blue Topaz stones and checkerboard cut of the stones makes it sparkle beautifully. It comes in beautiful ribbon gift packaging, which complements its beauty. It is a perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves blue color. Since blue topaz is one of December birthstones, give it as a birthday gift to a loved one who celebrates a winter birthday.

London Blue Topaz Cross Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Rhodium Nickel Finish 6.00 Carats

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Unique Baby Shower Game Prizes

Planning baby shower party is fun. Welcoming your bundle of joy should be one of the most exciting and fun filled celebrations. Choosing right baby shower game prize is necessary as no baby shower party is complete without fun filled baby related games.
         I have chosen some unique baby shower game prizes your guests will love to win.


These elegant stainless steel heart shaped measuring spoons are perfect baby shower game prize.
        Each spoon features traditional measures on one side and cute “measures of love” the lovely thoughts engraved on the other side.

"A Pinch of Patience" = ¼ teaspoon,

"A Dash of Kindness" = ½ teaspoon,

"A Spoonful of Laughter" = one teaspoon,

"A Heap of Love" = one tablespoon.

Nicely wrapped and a matching tag with a baby sitting in a spoon and the words" love beyond measure" bound to bring years of smile and happy memories

This eggsceptionally pretty egg whisk is perfect as prizes for a baby shower. Cute chick in a cracked egg is the handle of the whisk and cracked egg can use as a whisk rest so your countertop doesn't get dirty. Your guests crack up when they see it.

Add a dash of spice to the sweetness of your celebration with this adorable salt and pepper shakers. These cute mother and baby bees with black and yellow strips and smiling face are perfect game prize for your guests. They will remind them of you and your cutie pie.

Kate Aspen Mommy and Me Sweet as Can Bee Ceramic Honeybee Salt and Pepper Shakers

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