The Tradition of Christmas Lights

Christmas is a wonderful time of year when towns and cities light up like stars.
          Christmas decoration is one of the oldest traditions. In ancient time candles were used for decoration. Candles were put under glass cover for safety reason. Metal lantern with small wicks was also used. They were used as ornament on Christmas tree.
Then entered the Wizard of Menlo Park in New Jersey. His name was Thomas Edison. In 1879 he invented and demonstrated incandescent electric lightbulb that bring revolution in Christmas decoration. In 1882, Edison's assistants, Edward Johnson made electric bulbs for Christmas tree and displayed it on his Christmas tree at his home in New York City. It was a big hit.
Ralph Morris, an American telephonist, invented the strings of electric Christmas lights in 1895. In 1970s decorative mini-lights for Christmas tree were introduced. They became immensely popular. Since then they are dominant in Christmas tree decoration.
Electrical candle were introduced and became popular because they were safer than original candles. Battery operated candles gave appealing looks to the area where there aren't electrical outlets.
  Taking the inspiration from Christmas tree lighting, the trend of decorating outside began and became very popular. Icicle lights were introduced to decorate outside. Their icicle shape transformed the outside in winter wonderland. They gave frosted appearance to indoor as well.
      With time, Christmas lights used in new and creative ways. It comes in various shapes as trees or other ornaments to enhance the visual appeal of lawns and streets.
  Now Christmas lights have become a mesmerising feature of the holidays.

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