Cute Christmas Craft For kids

During Christmas kids become more and more excited about taking part in festival season activities. Share some fun filled time with them and make some Christmas crafts. I found this cute Christmas ornament video.

For this cute ornament you need:

1...Toilet Paper Roll or Wrapping Paper Roll
2.... Scrap of red and yarn
4...Nine inch long book


1... Get red yarn and wrap it around the book lengthwise several times .Take the scissor and cut the wrapped yarn on both sides. You will have a pile of cut yarn. Repeat this with white yarn. Now you have two piles of yarn. One pile of red yarn and another of white yarn.

2 ...Take tube and cut half an inch of it with scissor. Now you have a tube circle.

3 ... Now start attaching yarn to the tube circle. Take one piece of red yarn and fold it in half. Pass the loop through the tube. Pass the two end of the loop through loop and pull it so the loop is on the edge of the tube circle. Repeat the process with alternate colour yarns slipping gently to the next already there. Do it all the way round.

4 ... Now pass the loose end of the loops through the tube on the other side. Make sure you straight them all out.

5 ... Take a strand and tie it in a knot about one inch or one and a half inch above the edge of the tube. Tie it once again. Line the two remaining ends up and tie a knot at the end. It is the hanger for the ornament. Pull it down so it will not get cut accidently. Trim the top with scissor so it resembles the pompom.

6 ... Take a piece of tissue, crinkled up and stuff it at the bottom just to fill the upper part of the hat to keep it shaped.     
                    Now here is your cute little hat. Happy crafting

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