Christmas Snowman Nail Art

Beautiful nail art always fascinates me. I got Christmas snowman nail art on Youtube that I am going to share with you

     It is easy and fun to make. 
1...To start with coat your nail with a base coat.
2...Cover your nail with blue nail polish and let it dry completely.
3...Now paint the tip with white nail polish.
4...Make one big and one small circle with white nail polish.
5...It'll be the body of the snowman.
6...Put small white dots as snows
7...Put two black dots as eyes.
8...Draw a black line and semi-circle to make a hat.
9...Draw a red line between the circles to make snowman's scarf.
10..Put small black dots for buttons.
11...Let it dry completely
12...To protect the design, cover it with a  top coat. Your snowman is ready.
       You  can make different Christmas nail arts like Christmas tree, snowflakes or holly to match the festive mood.

                         Share with us your Christmas nail art in comments

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