Perfect Christmas Tree Storage Bag


I was searching something online and stumbled up some Christmas tree storage bag which reminded me of my sweet friend living in New York. She has a beautiful Christmas tree.
      After years of using the enormous cardboard box the tree originally came in, is torn up. It's time to pitch the box.

These bags are made of very sturdy materials with strong carrying handles. The long zipper gives plenty of work space. Just lay the unzipped bag on the floor, lay the Christmas tree in & zip it up
       She can use it to store wreaths, garlands and other things with the tree. Besides Christmas tree, it is good to store a variety of holiday and every day decor items.
       My favorite is CoverMates 60'' Christmas tree storage bag with wheels. It is incredibly spacious and more than adequate to store tree even huge one plus some accessories. It is available with or without wheels. Having wheels on the bag makes it easier to carry the tree in and out of storage, even dragging it upstairs. On the top of the bag is a thick clear plastic insert which allows you to see the contents in the bag. There is even an area outside the bag where you can label to remember. As one happy buyer said "I don't see this bag tearing unless one takes a knife to it. I see this bag lasting for many years."\

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