Cute Christmas Gift for Your Little Cutie

I have a cute little granddaughter Arisha who loves soft toys. I came across these little cuties online.
      What I liked best about these is the fact that these are not only soft toys but she can play online with them. With the tag on the toy kids can create online version and enter Webkinz world. It comes with its unique special items and food to be used with cute virtual pet. It teaches them to treat the pet with love and care.

Kids learn to manage money as they have to earn Kinzcash, the virtual money to purchase food. They can customize their pet's room by spending Kinzcash. In their own virtual world they can play various fun games.
        These are soft and perfect for little hands. They can take them on trips. It's a pleasant surprise that they managed  to make them available under $ five without compromising on quality.

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